A God given vision

Three Essential Ways To Identify God's Vision - Orange Leaders

Eye appointments were my favorite to go to. I would pride myself on executing every little letter my doctor asked me to read. Covering my left eye with a metal plank, I challenged myself on how far I could go, that is until I turned 11. I could no longer get over the lines I would normally swift over and the confidence I once had turned into dread. For the next 10 years every appointment came with yearly renewals, but with yearly renewals came the freedom to choose a different eye frame. I couldn’t see quite as well without them, but it aided me in having a healthy vision, even better than others at times. Keller tells us, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision”. Now at 26, I read this and think of how every person has a God given vision. We all have a purpose here on earth with our name on it. However, life can fog up our sight and cause us to sway away from our vision and purpose. As a believer in Christ, He is my frame, sustaining my focus on the vision He has given me. Life will try to sway me to and fro but with Christ I am grounded on the right path. I, therefore, challenge Keller's quote, without a frame we are walking blindly despite having sight. As I continue to grow in Christ, my vision is maintained, bringing me to completion of my God given vision.  



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