Can women lead in Ministry?

Women standing down on church leadership does not reflect the character of God described in scripture, but it describes the character of man. If by design, God placed a gift in all His people, who is man to set certain ministry roles on the basis of gender. While various passages support women leadership, the debate on women in ministry has caused a division within the church body.

Let’s take it back to Genesis

God first makes Adam. God did not want man to be alone. So, He took Adam’s rib and made Eve, Adam’s helper (Genesis 2:18). The term “helper”...

Abortion: A Victory?

You’ve most likely have only seen two reactions to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade: anger or celebratory. And by their reaction, you can almost determine their political stance or religious beliefs. As a Christian, I celebrate the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, yet I ask whether this is a true victory.


No change in rate

As a Christian and opponent to abortion, I anticipate seeing a plunging decline in abortion rates. However, studies show a small change in the rate of abortion through the outlook on abortions occurring globally (Doucleff). While it is...