Abortion: A Victory?

You’ve most likely have only seen two reactions to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade: anger or celebratory. And by their reaction, you can almost determine their political stance or religious beliefs. As a Christian, I celebrate the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, yet I ask whether this is a true victory.


No change in rate

As a Christian and opponent to abortion, I anticipate seeing a plunging decline in abortion rates. However, studies show a small change in the rate of abortion through the outlook on abortions occurring globally (Doucleff). While it is disappointing, it is not surprising. The study shows little to no correlation between a country who has legal abortion and one where it is illegal.

Part of the reason is because people will find the service they need. I compare this to the prohibition era. Now the prohibition era does not come close to the sensitivity as abortion, but it shows that people will find the loopholes and do what it takes. And so, abortion will continue to occur whether that is taking desperate measures or flying to another state or country to have it done.

Bandage over an open wound

Outlawing abortion only serves as a bandage to the bleeding of women finding the service. While we can appreciate the hinderance, it does not decline the rate because it does not deal with the open wound. In other words, the root issue. This is where the Church steps in to actively minister to women stuck in such predicament.

Dealing with the root issue is to deal with the heart. What makes abortion their first instinct? What belief system do they have? What is their position on God? This is how we can serve Christ-like. Telling someone to stop doing something does not entirely keep them from doing so. Look at man for example. God knew we couldn’t carry out the commandments. That’s why He sent Jesus, who fulfilled the commandments and now through Jesus we may be saved. As Christians, we are called to point folks to the heart transformer, Jesus.

The Church

While the government closes this door, I remain hopeful that the government will be eager to open more doors. In other words, making women healthcare a top priority in this country. We fail as a country if we do not provide exceptional support for women in this tough and sensitive situation.

However, it will not be surprising if this is it after the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. No assistance. No guidance. No support. Therefore, as followers of Christ we must provide what the government falls short. We are called to embody a picture of the Kingdom that is to come where the poor inherit what it His, by faith (Moore).

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