Kill - To Stop the Killing?

We are talking about Captial Punishment. It is not a popular topic because it tends to split families and relationships apart and make family dinners extremely uncomfortable. Capital Punishment is an intense debate among U.S Americans while some argue it is an utter violation of human rights and others argue it serves as an effective retribution for disgraceful crimes. Let's talk about it.


As you may have assumed, yes, Americans who support capital punishment are gun, bible, American flag carrying conservatives. No, that is merely an exaggeration and completely stereotypical, though would we be surprised? One of their main arguments is retribution, "an eye for an eye" would be the appropriate idiom. Moreover, they believe it grants closure to fragmented families as it stands as the sole judgement substantial enough to initiate the process of recovery (Yellin). In the same manner, it sets a tone, this party would argue, to discourage Americans in committing unforgivable crimes.

Side thought: I wonder, if some of the individuals in this group have the same attitude towards the passing of abortion, because in both rulings, the judgement over someone's life is held in the hands of the government. 


This group have their arguments set on the foundation of moral and absolute rights where such punishment is a complete violation of human rights and entirely inhumane (Deepika). One of their powerful rebuttals is that many Americans are wrongfully convicted. Time and research have shown the flaws within the prison system where innocent people serve time while waiting for a sentence on a crime they had not done. With flaws in the system, there is a risk in executing a person who could have lived their life, or during their sentence, proving their innocence. Regardless of its severity, they assert that no crime can be justified by the act of execution. 


The majority of crimes that qualify for capital punishment fall under the umbrella of murder held at a certain degree, such as genocide, airplane high jack, massive shooting, etc. Both parties share one thing; they detest to see injustice. However, they differ in how justice ought to be carried out. Whether you support or are against, we can all and must agree there is a darkness in man. It is until we realize our brokenness, in our search, that God can save us (Man's Search).

Chart shows partisan differences in views of the death penalty – especially on racial disparities in sentencing



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